2017-18 PTO Board Elections: Call for Nominations

2017-18 PTO Board Elections: Call for Nominations

What helps to make Mallinckrodt such an amazing school? Our great parent volunteers of course! Mallinckrodt Academy takes great pride in its parent volunteer support. You can really make a difference!

The PTO is looking to fill 5 officer positions for the 2017-18 school year. If you are interested in serving, please attend the PTO meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 6pm in the Library and let your interest be known. Nominations must be made and accepted in person.

On May 11th, 2017 we will be voting for five officer positions.

About PTO Board Positions

President: The President serves as the primary contact for the principal, represents the PTO at meetings outside the organization, serves as an ex officio member of all committees and coordinates the work of all the officers and committees, so that the purpose of the organization is served.

Vice President: The Vice President assists the President and carries out the President’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve. The Vice President plans and manages Strategic Fundraising – which includes, but is not limited to, working with the Treasurer to establish specific fundraising targets, identifying potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources, serving as an ex officio member of all committees associated with fundraising efforts and develop systems to effectively research, apply for and track grants/donations.

Communications Coordinator: The Communications Coordinator manages communications and marketing channels for the PTO – which include, but are not limited to, PTO website, email, social media, flyers, etc. He or she is also responsible for maintaining the platforms/technologies by which said communications are delivered.

Volunteer/Committee Coordinator:  The Volunteer/Committee Coordinator is responsible for identifying appropriate committee chairs and potential volunteers, assisting committees with the establishment of goals, and reporting on volunteer and/or committee progress at general meetings.

Secretary: The Secretary records the minutes at PTO meetings and ensure adherence to meeting agenda. Additionally, he or she is the “keeper” of organizational documentation, and manages the PTO calendar and day-to-day email correspondence. He or she also works with the Communications Coordinator on communications and marketing efforts of the PTO – which include, but are not limited to, creating content for emails, website, social media, flyers, etc.

About Nominations And Elections

At the April 13, 2017 PTO meeting, nominations for officers shall be made by members, from the floor with the consent of the nominee. Nominees may have up to five minutes to present their goals and qualifications.

At the May 11, 2017 PTO meeting, voting will be by voice vote if a position is uncontested. If more than one person is running for an office, a ballot vote shall be taken for each contested office. A majority of the votes cast by the voting members shall be necessary for election. Should no person receive a majority of the votes cast, a run-off between the two persons who received the highest number of votes shall be immediately held.