Halloween Parties

These are not necessarily the activities that will happen in the classrooms today, but they sure sound like fun!

Design a Scarecrow
Split kids into groups of three to six and give each team a bag of at least a dozen objects and pieces of clothing (old shirts, hats, wigs, apples, foil, leaves, etc.). One person on each team is the “scarecrow” whom his teammates dress up using all the objects in the bag. Award a variety of prizes (funniest, scariest, silliest, etc.) so that everyone wins.

Mummy Wrap
Divide party guests into teams of three to six, and give each team two minutes to wrap someone up from head to toe in toilet paper (without covering eyes or mouths). Award a prize to the best mummy. For a more eco-friendly option, use strips of fabric.

Pumpkin Bowling
This is a great outdoor game. Fill six two-liter bottles with about three inches of water and arrange in a pyramid. Using a miniature pumpkin or gourd, have kids take turns rolling the pumpkin at the “pins.” Each child gets three tries, and a prize goes to the player who knocks down the most.

Spider Web
Perfect for a group of four to eight kids. Arrange kids in a circle and give each one a golf ball-sized ball of yarn. Help each child tie an end of the yarn around his waist. Taking turns, each player tosses his yarn to someone else in the circle. When they reach the end of the yarn, they’ve created a web! Now they have to untangle themselves.