Making the first week of school a smooth transition.


The first day of school often brings excitement, anticipation, and anxiety for children AND parents.

The staff is prepared to support you and your child through this important transition in your family’s life.
During the first couple days of school, all staff adjusts their schedules, have extra duties, and are on high alert to ensure all children get where they need to be safely. They become familiar with which door kids came through and where they need to go (breakfast, playground, etc.). Unfortunately what happens too often is that parents make special arrangements the first few days of school, and then switch to their regular routine on day 3 or 4. This is not only confusing to your young child, but when you change the routine after a few days, staff has moved into their regular routines and parent volunteers are gone.

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Take advantage of the support in place on the first few days of school to get your routine established.
To start the year off with the smoothest transition possible, please begin your routine on the first day of school. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of your child’s first-day-of-school experience. If your child will ride the bus, put them on the bus and follow it to meet your child at school. By doing this you know they arrived safely and your child is learning their routine. When they arrive, staff and volunteers are there to help them learn their routine as well.

Let’s help make the first week of school a smooth transition for everyone.