Focusing on the positive

By Jacob Norman, Spanish Teacher


With the first week of school officially in the books, it’s easy to remember why schools have always been a cornerstone of tight-knit communities. Kids come back from summer excited to see friends they only know as classmates, and parents have a familiar crew to socialize with.

Teachers might feel it more than anyone. We part ways in May or June, not even pausing to look in the rearview mirror as we pull out of the parking lot one last time. Still, we know that we’ll be more than ready to see each other as August rolls around. When those hundreds of smiling faces burst through the door, it’s hard not to smile with them.

As the year gets underway though, it’s easy to let that feeling fade into the daily routine. That’s the real challenge: keeping learning fresh and exciting, during January and February when we’re counting the days by the number of indoor recesses in a row. Focusing on the positive, of all the new students in the building, not one told me their first day of Spanish was scary. In my book, that marks a great start to another great year at Mallinckrodt.