Before-School Enrichment

Before-school enrichment will run five days per week – 7:30-8:30 a.m.

As we approach the end of the school year we have one final session of morning enrichment offerings for our little dragons. We have some exciting new classes again this session. We will again offer both a full time option, 5 day per week, as well as a la carte classes. The enrollment will open first for full-week enrollment on March 1 and then for a la carte classes on March 5. Enroll now. 

Spring Semester 2B classes will run March 19 – May 24:

Monday: Dino Discovery
Tuesday: Chess
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Green Thumb Club
Friday: Mad Science


How much does it cost?
The total cost for the first 10 weeks of morning enrichment is $409 –  paid up front or in 2 payments of $205/month. Enrollment will close on March 10th.

When does it start?
Classes will begin the week of March 19, 2018.

Have more questions?
Contact Sybill Naidoo, PTO Vice President, at

Program Offering Details

Dino Discovery

Take an adventure back to the Jurassic Era where we will learn about dinosaurs who roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Uncover fascinating facts, build a dinosaur replica, and have an archaeological dig as you explore your paleontological skills. In Dinosaur Discovery, you will become a paleontologist faster than Ornithomimids ran from a TRex!.


The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis continues its ongoing partnership with Mallinckrodt this year. Instructors from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis provide chess classes that teach fundamental chess elements in addition to promoting educational values that can be learned through chess. Classes will focus on chess fundamentals while also incorporating lessons on critical thinking, planning and logic.


Mallinckrodt moms, Amy Raymond & Kate Stewart, will guide students through asanas (postures), breathing exercises, meditation and games. Through yoga children will harness their powers of concentration, develop a healthy body awareness, increase confidence and improve coordination. They’ll learn breath awareness, working with others and discover how we’re all connected.

Green Thumb Club

Catch an insect, grow a terrarium, and save the earth…all while learning about nature and the world around us through exciting expeditions, science, and environmental exploration. Our Green Thumb Club will ignite your child’s passion for nature, recycling, and learning about the earth through educational activities and science investigations. It’s time to join the Green Thumb Club!

Mad Science: Fun Physics

Have fun with physics and Mad Science! Fly through flight and discover the four forces that affect flight. Make and test plane designs to see these forces in action. Act like junior architects and engineers! Test out shapes for strength and build a bridge. Create a whirlwind with a vortex generator. Make liquids turn into solids and watch objects disappear as you uncover the science of magic. Feel the pull of precession with the bike wheel gyroscope and strike the perfect balance with the Gravity Game kit. Investigate conductors, insulators, and other elements in the world of circuit electricity.