Before-School Enrichment

Enrollment closes on March 8.

Enrichment classes are five days per week, from 7:30-8:30am.

Spring-2 classes will run March 23 – May 21:

Monday: Super Sleuths
Tuesday: Chess
Wednesday: Crazy Chemworks
Thursday: Nature Club
Friday: Crayola Wildworld


How much does it cost?
The cost for full-week enrollment is $365.

Can I enroll in just a few classes vs. the whole week?
Yes!, We open the enrollment to parents who need coverage for the full week first, so they can be sure to get the spots they need. Then we open it up to everyone to enroll in classes a la carte. Prices to enroll in individual classes are listed with the class descriptions below.

When does it start/end?
Classes will begin the week of March 23, 2020 after Spring Break and will run through May 21, with the exception of days when school is not in session.

What happens with the students after enrichment classes ends for the day?
When the class ends at 8:30am, the instructors will escort the students to the cafeteria for breakfast or to the playground where there will be supervision by MAGI staff.

Have more questions?
Contact Sybill Naidoo, PTO Vice President, at

Program Offering & Details

Monday: Super Sleuths by Little Scholars – $115

Get out your magnifying glasses and detective hats as we have clues to decipher and crimes to solve. We’ll put our critical thinking skills and STEM knowledge to the test and get to the bottom of mysteries by learning the tricks real investigators use to solve cases. While experimenting with simple detection techniques, your reasoning skills will grow and your problem solving skills will become better than CSI agents.

Tuesday – Chess (Free)

Children previously enrolled still need to enroll for Spring 2.

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis continues its ongoing partnership with Mallinckrodt this year. Instructors from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis provide chess classes that teach fundamental chess elements in addition to promoting educational values that can be learned through chess. Classes will focus on chess fundamentals while also incorporating lessons on critical thinking, planning and logic.

PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR CLASS! If your child arrives after 7:40, they will miss a lot of instruction and therefore will not be able to participate that day.

Wednesday: Crazy Chemworks by MadScience – $115

Welcome to the world of chemistry! Children make gooey slime, experiment with different reactions and learn to use the tools that chemists use. Polymers and catalysts are only two of the fascinating concepts young scientists explore in this thrilling trip through the chemistry lab!

Thursday: Nature Club – $45

Ready to tune in to the nature near you? Whether you feel right at home in the great outdoors, or feel a little uncomfortable, this class is for you! We have so much to explore and discover right outside your school! In this club, we will learn how to identify the wildlife that thrives right along with us in Missouri. We will also experience different ways of engaging with nature like nature journaling, sit spots, storytelling, and free exploration. After our course, you will be ready to keep exploring the natural world!

In the Field is an outdoor and nature education 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to increase wellness and inspire future naturalists by connecting St. Louis children to St. Louis nature. Their mission is to build kids’ affection and care for the natural world and reveal that they needn’t travel to experience nature and biodiversity, these can be found in the backyard, schoolyard, or even on the sidewalk. They carry out their mission by collaborating with schools, homeschool co-ops, nonprofits, and other groups to offer low or no cost nature education programs.

Friday: Crayola Wildworld- $95

Kids explore the wonder and beauty of the animal kingdom, and discover nature in a way that inspires empathy, curiosity, and creativity. They learn about many different animals and how wildlife conservationists are working to protect species around the globe. They experiment with a variety of art techniques, and use Crayola® art materials to create frog paintings, ink-diffusion jellyfish, polar bear sculptures, and more! The 8 themes for this class will be elephant silhouettes, polar bear models, speckled frog, slithering snacks, dancing jellyfish, watercolor sharks and fish, lion sculptures, and coiled turtles