Order School Supplies for 2017-18

Mallinckrodt Academy classroom supply kits will be available to purchase online until June 15th.

You can order your kit from The Write Stuff and it will be delivered right to school. How Convenient!

There is no cost to have your kits shipped to school if you order before June 15th. If you order after June 15th or have the kits shipped somewhere else, standard shipping charges will apply.

Easy Ordering Instructions

  1. Go to www.write-stuff.com/storefront/school/mallinckrodt
  2. Select grade level
  3. If applicable, select the specified kit within grade level
  4. Enter student information
  5. Follow prompts to check out or continue shopping


Lists are segmented by “boy/girl” simply for balancing those items where it’s not necessary to have one from each child.

Also, you are not limited to the quantities or items on the list. If you would like to provide additional items to your child’s classroom, simply add more items to your cart.

Download The Write Stuff School Supplies sale flyer

If you don’t want to order Supply Kits online

If you prefer to purchase supplies for your kiddo’s classroom on your own, you can view the supply lists for each grade so you know what to get.


Items will either be communal use or randomly distributed among the students.
Most items such as pencils, crayons, and glue sticks will be communal use. The other items such as folders and pencil bags will all be collected and randomly disrtibuted, so if your kiddo has selected one of these items because of a design or color, it is not guaranteed that they will end up with it once supplies are handed out. Likewise, colored folders are for specific classes (for example, yellow = Spanish, red = Science, etc.) so purchasing “fancy” or designed folders isn’t necessary.

Happy shopping!