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Kargus' 5th graders "voting" on Primary 3/15/16

5th Graders Voting in the Primaries

By Lisa Kargus, 5th Grade Teacher

Kargus' 5th graders "voting" on Primary 3/15/16

Working hard researching politics, presidential candidates and the issues.

My 5th grade class has been investigating the issues being debated in the political races.
After researching the candidates and reading news articles on topics such as gun control, immigration reform,education standards, and the proposed increase of minimum wage, the my students visited Mallinckrodt’s polling place on Tuesday, March 15.

An election volunteer poll manager explained to the students the process of voting, registration cards, paper ballots vs.electronic machine voting, and how the votes are tallied after the polls close. Back in the classroom, students then placed their own primary votes for the candidate of their choice on Newsela Elementary, the current event ELA website we use in class. Check out Newsela Student Vote 2016 for more info.


Newsela, is an innovative website that offers kids 1000’s of current event articles which are updated daily.
Students can learn about national and international events in science, art, law, money, sports, and health. Newsela makes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student. Articles can be assigned to students at varying lexile scores – a tool used to match readers with books, articles and other leveled reading resources – making differentiation in the classroom easier. Newsela also offers customized quizzes and structured writing prompts which can be used to to show growth in individual students.

My students use this website consistently, accessing it through their iPads. The quizzes are taken electronically, and their constructed responses are also completed on the iPads. Students can track their own progress and review the quizzes after they have completed them. Students can also log into their accounts from home to continue exploring the ever changing current events articles.