Parents and volunteers serve a crucial role at Mallinckrodt by giving of their time, talent and treasure to make our school great!

Our volunteers get involved at every level. Some lead committees, coach sports, or donate their professional services while others provide classroom supplies, offer input at meetings, or chaperone on field trips. Every contribution, big or small, makes a positive impact on our school community and shows our children that we care about their education and believe it is important.

Want to chair a committee or learn more about ways you can get involved?
Contact Karen Hamon, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@magipto.org.

Mallinckrodt Academy Volunteer Opportunities flowchart
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Ways You Can Help

Each volunteer gets $10 Scholastic Dollars to spend during the fair. This is a great opportunity to interact with students, parents, and family members while earning resources for our school.Volunteers can help with set up before the fair, checking people out at the registers during the fair, and packing up after the fair closes. SIGN UP TO HELP
Let’s give back to the teachers and staff who do so much for our kids. Sign up and make them dinner during Parent Teacher Conferences – October 15 & 16. SIGN UP
Committee Chair – Open Sign up to decorate your trunk and come hang with the ghouls and goblins of Mallinckrodt! We will have activities, games, music, and photo opportunities in the gym, and trunks of fun in the lot on October 25! SIGN UP
It’s fall planting time! Sign up to join the Garden Committee in clearing and prepping the planting beds.

No prior gardening knowledge required and kids are always welcome. The workday is Sunday, 9/15 from 10-2, but feel free to come for any part of that time. SIGN UP TODAY

Help keep Mallinckrodt’s garden thriving through the summer! Sign up for a week of garden maintenance or split a week with a friend. You’ll be responsible for watering, weed pulling, and harvesting. If you’re interested in a group effort sign up for one of our work weekends.

Job Time Estimates: – Watering-up to every other day, depending on temperature and rainfall. 30min-1hr (This is the most important task) – Weeding-1-2hrs/week, you can do this while you water, if you set up the sprinklers.


We all know that Mallinckrodt is an amazing school with a fantastic community to support it. We want to make sure potential families know how great it is, too. Sign up to guide new families on a tour of our school building and grounds and answer questions along the way.

Time Estimates: 1 hour, from 10-11am.


WE NEED YOU … to chair a committee!
We have a few events that need a leader. You don’t have to do it all yourself – get other parents involved and make it fun.

Check the Committee List!

Volunteer Applications

To become a volunteer at Mallinckrodt, you must be approved by the Board of Education. Volunteer Application Checklist (Does not need to be sent in) Volunteer Expectations (Does not need to be sent in) Please complete and send in the following forms: Adult Volunteer Application Volunteer Reference Check Request for Criminal Record
Volunteer Applications must be renewed every two years. Please complete and send in the following forms to renew: Adult Volunteer Renewal Request for Criminal Record

In addition to mailing applications to the district office, prospective volunteers can also scan forms to create electronic files or take quality photographs of the forms. They can then be emailed directly to Ms. Ricci Sykes at ricci.sykes@slps.org

Why We Track Volunteer Hours

An overwhelming amount of volunteer time goes by untracked and unnoticed. Tracking your volunteer time might sound like just another item on your to-do list, but this simple step can drastically improve our school’s potential to earn more money through Corporate Grants, Foundation Grants, and Government Grants.

Volunteer Log (pdf) Volunteer Log (editable docx)

Corporate Grants

Many Fortune 500 companies offer matching grants for employee volunteer hours, and most schools and 501c(3) nonprofits are eligible. Employee Volunteer Programs, commonly called “Dollars for Doers,” offer organizations anywhere between $8-20 per hour volunteered. Some companies even offer dollars for hours volunteered by retirees!

Ask your employers about matching grants for volunteer time.

Foundation Grants

If we’re able to effectively track and report on important metrics like volunteer time, it drastically improves our chances of successfully attracting foundation grants. If we’re able to prove the value of our volunteers, we will be able to differentiate our organization and set ourself ahead of the competition!

Government Grants

Grants.gov is the official government site for information on federal grants and funding opportunities. Managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site contains application requirements and stipulations for more than 1,000 grant programs administered by 26 federal grant-making agencies, searchable by agency, category, eligibility or CFDA number.